Published December 9, 2016 by MizRae

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s me once again. Your one and only run away blogger… Well am back again..,I say that a lot don’t I? Anyway i mean it this time.., I also say that a lot.., *sigh*…..Lets try this again shall we? ­čÖé

So this is me here, again…, like i said before. Am gonna try very hard this time around to keep this blog alive and thriving. I promised fun and exciting, haven’t been able to deliver on that either..gonna do that also. To show i mean my word this time, I wrote something new, something different, something…… ok that’s all i got on the somethings.

This new Something is a poem, my first ever. So read, enjoy and please feel free to criticize, your criticism will help me do a better job.(still aspiring to be a world renowned blogger and writer). Also go easy on me yea? Its my first time… *wink wink* Enjoy, more to come soon.


Published December 9, 2016 by MizRae

You are my greatest Treasure
Of this I am Sure
No one makes me feel such Pleasure
Not even under Pressure

We met when we took the Train
Eyes clashed as it began to Rain
I felt it like a Sprain
And my blood began to Drain

The rain fell Faster
My heart felt Lighter
Gladden with Laughter
As the ground got Wetter

We smiled at each other
The train going further
Eyes speaking Volumes
Knowing we both have Values

You came towards me Then
My heart screamed Amen
Taking hold of my Hand
I knew I had found something Grand

You are my greatest Treasure
Nothing else can Measure

Perfectly Imperfect(A Memory)

Published March 5, 2016 by MizRae

I met him in 2012 or there about, and we connected instantly. Something that doesn’t happen with a lot of people. His craziness matched my madness, we were like two same persons.
It started out as a friendship, like most great lovers do, he said he wasn’t ready for a relationship, he just wants to lay low for a while. I said no problem since I had just left a not so great one myself. I was still having the side effects of it, I was devastated, didn’t trust any man or did I intend to try. I had even sworn on celibacy, until I met Moye. Something about him just seem to calm me, make me want to be close to him. Without knowing it I had fallen in love with him. Funny me, after I had claimed being like the statue of Liberty, standing tall and beautiful, but like the statue it really is., unable to feel or express anything. I fell long and hard and I was still claiming untouchable like the Expendables.

We spent our spare time talking to each other, a few calls here, a little texting there. Nothing much just the usual how re u, hw did ur day go etc. The first time we met I would like to say sparks flew, the attraction was intense. But we both refuse to show it. And then he disappeared for a while, no calls no messages.,nothing. I missed him terribly I kept checking my phone for emails., messages, anything…alas there wasn’t any news of him. Some few days later I had a missed call I checked to see who it was and saw it was a strange number, so I dialled the number and waited..sure enough a voice came through., all tush and soft like, am sure he was forming sexy voice for me. I too replied same way, and when he introduced himself again relief washed all over me and my heart fluttered. He explained he had been busy to which I responded no problem, he went on to say the number was his other line and I could save it. I said ok. We went on to discuss about a lot of things but no one mentioned how they felt about the other, and we ended the call with promises to talk again soon.
Moye wasn’t one to let his emotions go, he still doesn’t do it. He shows you little glimpse of it here and there. I think I can safely say that Moye is no gentleman. Infact I laugh at the thought of that, i think he will laugh too if I call him that and will deny in correct pidgin “I no be gentleman o” and proceed to make some silly joke about it. Nah….that isn’t him. He doesn’t really care what you think about him or his style of doing things, he is the kind of person that would be on the toilet seat when making a call and ask if you can hear the sound of his poop dropping…lol…not like he does that, but that is how free and and comfortable he is about himself.

He teases me mercilessly every little chance he gets and we end up laughing about it and our own foolishness. Moye is the only guy I know that can be serious and joking at the same time, you just need to know or differentiate the second the two occurs. I understand him in a way only I can. He understands me too. Sometimes I think we are a reflection of each other. Other times I think he is the other person I have always wanted to be.
Moye is free spirited if I may say so. He has this devil may care attitude. Nothing seems to bother him but I know deep down it does, and he won’t tell you about it. His goofiness is what I like best of all. He always has the ability to make me laugh, no matter how sad I have been, he makes me laugh so hard I forget myself sometimes. But that’s another thing about us. Our feelings don’t hide we behave childishly and stupidly most times and have a laugh doing it.

Moye doesn’t talk about his feelings, he has his moments and like me, he Is Spontaneous. He reveals himself in the tinest way and if you aren’t paying much attention you will miss it. And ones the moment is gone it’s gone. All this mushy lovey dovey love talks aint his style. He doesn’t know how to express himself in that way. But in his own way he shows you he cares. I have met no other man like Moye. He is just something different all together. He isn’t predictable and I like that. He surprises me times without number. When I think I have him all figured out. He proves me wrong. There is alot to be said about the times spent in the company of Moye. Sadly this is all i will share on here. Not every memory is meant to be shared, some are tucked away safely and treasured for a life time.
Moye is a puzzle, a challenge. And I love challenges. I love Mr Bankole Moye…Always have always will.

How Drunkenness Paid My Cab Fare

Published January 13, 2016 by MizRae

I had just got off work, a little bit earlier than the supposed closing time. I had to get home, get well rested, and also prepare for my journey to the village the next day. You see, my Granny had just passed away recently, and i was in mourning you see. So with my Ren Pin shades on, looking like a million bucks( even though i had just 3k to my name)i stood by the side of the road trying to get a cab that will take me home direct.

After standing for some 5 minutes, i finally got a cab. There was a man standing next to me who was trying to get a cab to another direction, and when i got into the cab, i noticed that he had climbed right in with me. I wondered why he was doing that since i was headed towards Marian Road, and he said he is going to the Stadium which is located at the Highway, that was when he told the cab driver he was going to alight at Efio-Ette, and then get a cab from there directly to his destination. I wondered once again why he didn’t just cross the road when we were at the Mary Slessor roundabout to get a cab heading towards the Stadium..,i shrugged it off saying it was none of my business how a drunk man choose to get home.

As I was the first to get into the cab, I got to sit by the door, which left the man sitting next to me, another woman was by his right, there by putting him in between us,a girl sat in front. The cab driver took off, not long after, the man next to me dug into his pocket and pulled out his mobile phone, scrolled to a name on his contacts and made a call….asking a certain someone if he is at home(at 8 miles), he said he was on his way, he sounded very pissed and angry.., the stench of alcohol was all over him, it reeked from his mouth while he was talking.., it was so much that i was temporary dizzy…yes…i was, a little bit, because am not much of a drinker you see..,and a little bit of alcohol gets me over the edge, just two sips of it and i get light headed. But not to stray far from the story., the man was angry…and he started narrating in detail what got him so pissed off.

It seemed he just got laid off work from what he was saying, he wasn’t at work the previous day due to the fact that he lost his dad., then when he got to work today.., seems his boss was mad about him not showing up the previous day, i guess a fight occurred and he got kicked off. All this i got from the bits and pieces of the story he was telling…he pulled out his license and showed it to me, that was when i knew he was a driver at Cross Lines, and also that he is an “Agboro” translate to proper English…he is a taut, moto park ruffian.., etc. It was then i took a good look at him…, his shirt was old and sweat stained, it showed on his shirt, from the collar and neck of his shirt,arm pits, down to his arms, he wore an “Aboki” (cheap) glasses, his shoes were dusty and worn, from the side of his glasses i could see his eyes where glazed from the effect of the excess alcohol he had consumed.

While i was busy accessing him i noticed he was saying something, so i tuned back in to listen to him and was shocked by what he had to say…he was proposing to pay the transport fare of everyone in the cab at that moment….while my mouth was still shaped in a perfect “O” surprise, and the brows of others was raised, the drunk man proceeded to bring out his wallet..which was stacked neatly with One Thousand Naira notes (Yes i checked cos we were all curious) , brought out one of the notes and gave to the cab driver, just as the girl in the passenger seat was about to pay her fare…..yes yes i know…we should have stopped him since he was drunk…but we all know how drunk people behave, so none of us said anything. Instead we said our thanks.., he responded by saying we should pray for him…strange huh? Anyways…he said he was going to 8 Miles, and my bus stop was before his, so when i reached my destination, I said my thanks once again, and alighted from the cab, leaving him mumbling angrily to himself.





Tis The Season!!

Published December 19, 2015 by MizRae

Christmas in a few days!!! Am so Merrily Happy..,the atmosphere is already filled with happiness, Joy, and Laughter.
There is just something about Christmas that you can’t help but be excited about..No matter how old you are., or what you are going through., even if you are the meanest person on earth.., a lil bit of joy just slips through your heart.,and your heart skips a few bit and you get all excited.., its THE  most A-mazing feeling on earth!!!
Am all excited already and can’t wait…lol..the lights, the Christmas Bells ringing, the colours,the carols..,the air smells amazing,there is soo much love in the air…all Christmassy!!!
Have you made your list yet? And have you been good or bad? Cos Santa is definitely coming to town…lol, I bet if that was ever true and someone be like: “Wow!! Santa is coming to Nigeria this Christmas!!” and all the presents in his big red bag are Iphone 6s, lastest Apple laptop, Peruvian, Indian, Brazilian hair, tickets to Dubai, etc.. I swear by the time he arrives at the airport ehn (lagos airport o) and alights from the plane.., he won’t find his bag anymore.., and if he comes with his sleigh and reindeer, by the time he gets his ladder and goes up the roof, the bag and reindeer will be missing. Cos them go don carry am do bushmeat!! And flex the other items., Hahaha…thats why Santa can never be real/come to Nigeria. Cos we got
no chill mehn. No time!!
But on a serious note, I hope you’ve all made your lists and gone shopping for gifts for your loved ones…Tis the season of Love, and Giving.., don’t be stingy and send gifts to me :D. Here is my own list:
1. Beats by Dre Headphones
2. A Laptop (Hp or Apple or Mac)
3. 1 ballerina shoe (Get it from Jumia)
4. Peruvian Hair (it’s not that expensive anymore)
5. BlackBerry Classic (Q20)
6. A cheque of 50k (or I can send my acct num :D).
Oya ooo. First 3 people to send the items on my list will get a free 2k recharge card on any network.., or dinner with me (you will be paying of course *smiles sweetly*)
Merry Xmas everyone!! Happy shopping and be safe!! I will be back here Christmas morning. Xoxo

“Smallie” Nicknamed In School

Published December 15, 2015 by MizRae

I have always been the smallest in my family, not age wise but in statue . I am on the slender side..petite I will say and tiny . I always hated it when we will all go out, my sisters, cousins and myself..and people will stare, and can they stare!!…Oh my God..It’s so annoying especially if it’s at night, they will be like ‘this one no dey sleep, wetin she dey do outside by this time’..They don’t say it to my face of course because I go just para for them., but am just guessing that’s what they be saying cos of the stares I was getting . There were those who thought it was adorable of course . It happened everywhere, in church..,when we go for cathesim, during mass on Sunday┬á When it’s time for Sunday school . It was annoying and still is . I mean it wasn’t like I only ┬áhad the body, but the face too!! In my secondary school it was the same thing too, I was forced to accept the name ” Baby of the class”. But nothing prepared me for my University, I mean not even half.
It was in my 1st year. We had this lecturer who will just come to class and abuse our whole career, and us to an inch of our life . The first day he came to class, I had chosen a comfy seat between this two sexy hot looking guys at the back, and was getting ready to be charmed by them, I don even prepare pen to give phone number..when I heard someone shout from the front of the class..’hey!!.are you in this class or are you looking for your sister?’ I turn left then right then back, hoping it wasn’t me this man was talking to…The man shout again ‘madam its you ooo..are you here or looking for someone?!! na it for my mind I say ye!!e me this man the talk to so…? I stood up and told him I am in this class Sir, and then bam!!..he said it…Smallie!!..what are you doing in the back between those two giants, come and sit here in front where I will be seeing you. And so it was, my dear brothers and sisters that I was taken to the very ┬áfront seat, when I say front, I no mean 3 rows to the front or second row oo..I mean front seat..Look me I look you..eyeball to eyeball front so that man take spoil my career that day, him just pack sand put inside my mercy at all.
From that day onward the name stuck…anywhere the lecturer see me na so him go shout “ are you..?”and I will just laugh and answer ‘fine sir’. My classmates started calling me smallie too…jokingly of course. As for those guys..well there is God oo…